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HER 2020

An avant-garde music video which aims to illustrate a battle between conflicting identities in the human psyche. Produced for the single ‘HER’ from Silk Satin Suede's self-titled debut 'EP'.


Inspiration was taken from 1920s silent films and Viennese Actionism.

Filmed in Wales, United Kingdom

Liverpool Film Festival Laurel Best Music Video for HER.png
BEST MUSIC VIDEO - Allshorts Film Festival Golden Bay - 2022 (1).png
Sunday Shorts 2020 laurel.png
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Top of the South Film Festival TSFF - 202122 (1).png

Film Credits

Director - James Grimley

Artist, Art Director & Actor - Max Duncan

Director of Photography - Eddie Adamson

Editor - Christopher J Bennett

Assistant Camera - Oliver Biggs

Music Credits

Writer & Vocals - Max Duncan

Producer & Guitar - Andrew Denison

Bass - Jordan Agnew

"This submission is a particularly stunning example of good cinematography using multiple elements to get the most artistic effect from the visuals; for instance, the use of black and white looks really striking, the outdoors locations are also stunning, the camera moves into close ups of faces and the actor gives a strong emotional performance, and the use of slow-motion also contributes to the drama and the visual beauty of the piece. That being said, none of those elements would combine will together without the help of a skilled edit - so kudos to an un-intrusive and beautiful edit which gives the cinematography so much credit."


— Top of the South Film Festival | 2022


"45 million faces in the sea 

 Stolen memories deep below the beach 

 I called for you and me, now won’t you leave me alone!"

"Remember to look up. Always look up."

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