HER 2020

An avant-garde music video which aims to illustrate a battle between conflicting identities in the human psyche. Produced for the single ‘HER’ from Silk Satin Suede's self-titled debut 'EP'.


Inspiration was taken from 1920s silent films and Viennese Actionism.

Filmed in Wales, United Kingdom

Liverpool Film Festival Laurel Best Music Video for HER.png
Sunday Shorts 2020 laurel.png

Film Credits

Director - James Grimley

Director of Photography - Eddie Adamson

Editor - Christopher J Bennett

Assistant Camera - Oliver Biggs

Art Direction - Max Duncan

Music Credits

Writer & Vocals - Max Duncan

Producer & Guitar - Andrew Denison

Bass - Jordan Agnew

"45 million faces in the sea 

 Stolen memories deep below the beach 

 I called for you and me, now won’t you leave me alone!"

"Remember to look up. Always look up."