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The Groova Meista 2021 - 2023

A project by kiwi duo, Genre Fluid, consisting of Silk Satin Suede as frontman and vocalist, and Bosho as looping artist and multi-instrumentalist.


The Groova Meista is a two part album of music and a two hour live music and theatre show weaving high-energy rock funk anthems with improvised acts.


Over the past two and a half years, Genre Fluid have performed 100+ shows to people of all ages at festivals and venues across New Zealand and opened for legendary Kiwi artists such as Julia Deans, Mako Road, The Narcs, and Albi & The Wolves.

The journey began in 2020 when the duo quickly found a synergy within improvised music in Bo’s jam room in Nelson, New Zealand. Both heavily inspired by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Talking Heads and Fat Freddy’s Drop, all Genre Fluid songs are born with the channeling of one feeling and the passion of another; contributing to a multi-genre’d catalog of music.

Music Credits

Producer - Bo Ade-Simpson

Vocals & Lyrics - Max Duncan

Instrumentation - Bo Ade-Simpson

Artwork - Luiggi Riccio

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